Advokat Audun Lillestølen starting at Lynx

Audun Lillestølen is known as a dedicated laywer who deals with most type of cases regarding business law. He is especially well reputed as a litigator, and as a professional negotiator. He has litigated a number of larger civil and criminal cases. This also includes matters related to personal responsibility in limited companies, temporary injunction, arrest and bankruptcy.

He has a solid theoretical and practical background as partner in another lawfirm for many years, and prior to this as an assistant director in the Collection Department of The Norwegian Tax Commission.

Audun has through a period of 12 years been a trustee in a long series of bankruptcy cases, and his advice is thus in demand in relation to debt negotiations and restructuring. In LYNX he is a part of an attractive team that on short notice can undertake inquiries related to investigations.

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