Christian S. Svensen

  • 18. September 2015

    Responsibility for datasecurity

    Read about « your responsibility for datasecurity” , particularly if it could be asserted responsibility for the Board (BOD) of dealing passive to an ever-growing known problem «loss of data integrity “, officers or employees for errors, the BOD control responsibilities under the Norwegian Companies Act, layoffs , the use of instructions for data security is not in itself enough etc.

  • 27. June 2011

    Lynx safeguarding employee interests during Adecco investigation

    Attorney at law Christian S. Svensen assists controlling the Adecco investigators; his job is to control that there won’t be any disregard concerning the employees’ interests during the private Adecco investigation.  “Assistance from a lawyer may in some cases be decisive to secure a justifiable conduct of personal rights” says Svensen.