Company law

Company law includes the rules for a company’s life circle and is a core area within business ​​law. Much of our work involves reorganization, restructuring and regulation of the relationship between owners and / or creditors.

We have experience in drafting contracts, shareholder agreements, assisting in transactions, handling and preventing ownership conflicts. Our focus is on small and medium-sized companies, and our advices are rooted in our commercial experience and expertise. Furthermore, we represent individuals and shareholders, as well as the public sector.

In many cases, corporate law issues require significant insight into adjoining special fields, such as accounting law, tax law, labour law, public law and contract law. Lynx Advokatfirma DA have extensive experience in finding solutions that ensure our clients’ interests within crossing regulations.

Many of the rules are invariable and errors can lead to major consequences. We therefore often assist board members, shareholders, accountants and auditors with a second opinion. We have procedures for establishing companies, shareholder agreements, mergers, demergers and other conversions.

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