• 5. March 2018

    Legal risk management for ICT contracts

    The essence of this article is that risk in contracts can be reduced considerably by simple means through risk analysis and management. The biggest challenge lies not in the method itself, but in training, deeply rooting at the company’s management and the constant repetition of risk analysis throughout the birth, life and death of a […]

  • 20. September 2017

    The Aviation Law Review – Edition 5

    The fifth edition of The Aviation Law Review was recently published. Hanne Torkelsen is the chapter author of the Norwegian section.

  • 19. January 2017

    New public procurement regulation in Norway in force 1. January 2017

    As a part of the commitment as a member of the EEA agreement, Norway has implemented three new directives from EU, which are in force from 1. January 2017. The Procurement Act of 16.07.2016 is of general application and includes principles applicable to public procurement, such as, inter alia, equal treatment and transparency. The detailed […]

  • 18. September 2015

    Responsibility for datasecurity

    Read about « your responsibility for datasecurity” , particularly if it could be asserted responsibility for the Board (BOD) of dealing passive to an ever-growing known problem «loss of data integrity “, officers or employees for errors, the BOD control responsibilities under the Norwegian Companies Act, layoffs , the use of instructions for data security is not in itself enough etc.

  • 15. January 2015

    Study of public procurement efficiency

    Lynx law firm has via The Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP) assisted the European Commission in a study of the Norwegian implementation of regulations on public procurement, in order to make an overall analysis and description of administrative arrangements and country specific settings that impact the effectiveness and cost of Public Procurement procedures.

  • 29. November 2014

    Legal risk management of contracts in technology projects

    The essence of this article is that risk in contracts can be reduced considerably by simple means through risk analysis and management. The consequences of missing, or incorrect, risk assessment may be that you suddenly are in breach of the contract. Breach of contract will quickly become costly for both parties.

  • 23. June 2014

    Selling goods or services to Norway and Public Procurement Procedure

    Norway is not a member state of the EU, but has access to the internal market in Europe through its membership in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the EEA agreement. Norway has implemented the EU procurement directives and is obliged to implement and follow the rules and regulations from EU in this field. The […]

  • 20. June 2014

    Doing business in Norway

    The main principle is full freedom of establishment for businesses in Norway. Norway is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) and through the EEA agreement has to comply with the regulation from EU relating to the four freedoms, which includes freedom of establishment. You do not have to reside in Norway in order […]

  • 18. June 2014

    Redundancy in Norway

    What rights do employees have on redundancy in Norway? Employees in Norway have a number of rights in a redundancy situation. The employers need to follow correct procedures in order to avoid potential claims, and careful planning in redundancy situations is recommended to avoid additional burden of costly litigation and claims from employees. Redundancy covers […]

  • 1. January 2012

    New business address

    Effective from the 1st of January 2012 Lynx advokatfirma relocated to Hieronymus Heyerdahls gate 1, next to Oslo city hall on Rådhusplassen. The entrance is on the sea side. Telephone and fax numbers are not changed.

  • 26. October 2011

    Eva Joly Institute for Justice and Democracy

    Helge Skogseth Berg, who in 2009 and 2010 worked with Eva Joly on the investigation of the Icelandic  bank-collapse has been elected as  a member of the board of the Eva Joly Institute for Justice and Democracy.

  • 25. August 2011

    Advokat Audun Lillestølen starting at Lynx

    Audun Lillestølen is known as a dedicated laywer who deals with most type of cases regarding business law. He is especially well reputed as a litigator, and as a professional negotiator. He has litigated a number of larger civil and criminal cases. This also includes matters related to personal responsibility in limited companies, temporary injunction, […]

  • 27. June 2011

    Lynx safeguarding employee interests during Adecco investigation

    Attorney at law Christian S. Svensen assists controlling the Adecco investigators; his job is to control that there won’t be any disregard concerning the employees’ interests during the private Adecco investigation.  “Assistance from a lawyer may in some cases be decisive to secure a justifiable conduct of personal rights” says Svensen.

  • 26. May 2011

    Lecturing at DIFI conference on Government Standard Terms and Conditions

    Kjell Steffner lectures on contract negotiations during this year’s DIFI conference about the Standard Terms and Conditions (Statens standardavtaler). The conference is a meeting place for people that work with the Standard Terms and Conditions for IT procurement both in private and public sector.

  • 13. May 2011


    Lawyer Helge Skogseth Berg is nominated in the “Best Lawyers-” rank for “Best tax lawyer in Norway 2012”. Final rank will be built on appraisal from other lawyers that are ranked within the same field.

  • 1. October 2009

    Lynx will advice the Icelandic special prosecutor and Eva Joly on the bankcollapse in 2008

    Last fall’s collapse of the Icelandic banking system is more substantial than both Enron and WorldCom, the US’s largest bankruptcy cases, according to Helge Skogseth Berg, a Norwegian financial expert. He is now assisting corruption hunter Eva Joly, who was hired by the Icelandic government to help with the investigation on the banking collapse.

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