Helge Skogseth Berg


Helge Skogseth Berg


Helge Skogseth Berg, certified public accountant and attorney, was until 2002 with Arthur Andersen, and thereafter attorney in the leading Norwegian business law firm Thommessen. He subsequently worked as a prosecutor in ØKOKRIM (the Norwegian Serious Fraud Office).

His areas of expertise include corporate law, the Norwegian accounting act and international corporate tax. He also works within general business law, litigation, investigations and financial compliance issues. Berg is an examinator at the faculty of law in Oslo.

Public clients:

  • The Norwegian Parliament – investigation of pension claims from retired politicians
  • The Norwegian tax authorities – second opinions / litigation
  • Investigative assistance to an undisclosed Norwegian state authority.
  • ØKOKRIM – to prosecute a large scale international case involving tax fraud
  • The Icelandic special prosecutor and Eva Joly – to investigate the collapse of the Icelandic banks
  • Head of the civil investigation regarding the building process of a Norwegian football stadium.
  • Nedre Romerike district court – civil investigation of Stangeskovene AS with respect to trading of own shares.


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